County Communities on Transition (CCoT) are a group of stakeholders who have made the commitment to collaborate around identifying barriers to transition planning, organizing needed supports, and developing solutions for youth with disabilities in the local county they serve. The CCoT creates their own vision and mission as it relates to transition in their community. This partnership is essential to assist in opportunities for youth to explore employment, training and postsecondary education, and engage in skills to be independent in their home and community while building self-advocacy skills. Suggested CCoT members include: school districts, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Aging and Disability Resource Center, adult long-term care organizations, children’s long term support, higher education representatives, youth, family members and/or guardians, business members, and additional transition stakeholders that provide services to youth with disabilities.

The key to CCoT success is sharing the work as a county, establishing effective communication practices and creating new relationships to better work together and increase collaboration. Each CCoT is unique and has its own history of providing opportunities for transition related activities to support students and families within the community.

Mission: The coordination and collaboration of educators, community agencies, parents and employers and other service providers to promote employment and life opportunities for Oconto County students with disabilities.

Vision: Oconto County students with disabilities and their families will have an understanding of transition services including education, employment and life opportunities.

How to get involved!

The Oconto CCOT meets bi-monthly to collaborate and discuss issues and barriers within the community for youth and families. The Oconto CCoT welcomes parents and students to attend the meetings to provide input on services that would be beneficial for transition age youth and to assist in problem solving barriers to services. Meeting locations vary and participation via Zoom video conferencing is available.

Please call the contact below to express your interest in joining the Oconto CCOT:

Amber Chapin 1-855-492-2372

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